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Wonderschool for Work

Give your employees easy access to a network of high-quality in-home child care, preschool programs, outdoor forest programs, and micro schools. Our team can design a program that's tailored to your employees' needs.

Wonderschool for Work

With Wonderschool for Work, your company can choose from these options:

Family Child Care Network Creation

Tuition Support


Wonderschool will create and manage a network of family child care programs for their employees.  Based on the number of employees in a region, we will identify quality family child care programs specifically for your employees.  We will provide Concierge service to families to enroll their child in the program in the network that best suits their needs.

Create a pool of funds available to employees to fund a portion of their child care needs.

We can connect your employees with our on-the-ground agents to help them find, enroll, and receive priority access to options.

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About Wonderschool

All Wonderschool programs are background checked, licensed (if in home), and the Wonderschool team uses parent feedback based on the Wonderschool Quality and Safety Vision (QSV) for quality and safety.

The Wonderschool family of in-home childcare providers are all supported by the Wonderschool, ensuring your child receives the best quality care and education.

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