Start Your Own Child Care Program at Home, In As Little As Two Months

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Get the support you need to change careers and turn your home into a successful child care program. Even if you’re renting an apartment.

Program Launch
Get support to help start your child care center from writing a business plan to submitting a licensing application.
Customized Professional Website
Create a beautiful website so that families can easily find the program that meets their needs.
Lead and Enrollment Management
Capture leads to help keep your program consistently full. Track and manage enrolled students and their families.
Events and Marketing
Learn how to publish events to your website and use social media to market your program.
Online Community
Connect with other providers, engage with experts, and access 24/7 support.
Billing and Finance Management
Collect tuition and other charges, track expenses, and manage your budget with easy-to-use tools.
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Common Questions

Who is this for?
Start a Program is targeted for both brand new providers who are just getting started and those who need some assistance with running their existing business and increasing enrollments.
How much does this cost?
Wonderschool wants to be your partner in starting your business and reduce the upfront costs associated with opening your program. There is no cost from Wonderschool until you receive your first enrollment. Once you have a student enrolled, Wonderschool will charge 10% of your tuition for two years. This gives you dedicated support throughout your first couple years of operating for any questions you may have. Further information on Wonderschool costs can be found HERE.
Outside of Wonderschool, our providers spend an average of $2,000 - $4,000 to open a new program on furniture, supplies, licensing fees, etc. We have discounts available from trusted partners and tips to help lower these costs.
How long will it take?
Our goal is to get your program up and running in as little as two months. You will be placed in a 12-week program to kick off the process of launching a program. We will cover topics including: getting a license, setting up your space, filing taxes, pricing your program, collecting tuition, communicating with parents, building a website, social media and marketing, and more!
Do I need a license? What is required?
Each state has a unique set of licensing requirements and restrictions. Generally, in-home child care programs for more than three students require a license. Each provider and adult in your home will need to pass a background check. Some states also have requirements for number of exits, minimum square footage, playground materials, etc. We are happy to assist you with the licensing process and requirements for your state. Forest and Nature-Based Programs are currently license exempt. 
Do you help set up my space?
Yes! We will cover best practices and tips/tricks for setting up your in-home childcare program. We will also conduct a virtual tour of your home and give any specific recommendations. 
How do you help me get enrollments?
We will help you create a customized professional website to include in the Wonderschool Marketplace and match with parents. We will cover topics including: marketing best practices, social media advertising, and listings in search platforms such as Yelp and Google. We will also provide marketing materials for you to use including flyers, yard signs, and digital marketing ads. We will also cover sales topics including: how to convert a tour to an enrollment, how to run an effective open house leading to enrollments, how to communicate your program to interested parents, and more. 
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