Our Vision

At Wonderschool, we’re incredibly proud to partner with talented, committed program directors who provide high-quality early education in their communities. Our goal is to help providers across the country become more child-centered, growth-minded, and safety-focused. These components are at the center of high-quality child care and early learning experiences.

Why At-Home Care

Adapting is a good thing.

Comfortable home setting

Families get the comfort of care in a setting similar to what kids are used to in their own home.

Smaller child-provider ratios

While the number may vary, most in-home providers care for six or fewer children, which some families prefer.

Convenience of location

Family child care providers can often be found in or near the same neighborhoods of families.

Experienced providers

Providers are licensed, completed safety training, and have gone the extra mile to ensure high quality care.

Our Principles

Using this vision as a framework for best practices will ensure great experiences for children, achievement of professional goals for program directors, and facilitate trusting relationships with parents.


Children are at the center of everything we do — whether you’re a provider, a parent, a Wonderschool team member, or a partnering organization, we have a shared goal of creating the best environments and experiences for children, and we are committed to working as a team to do so.


A key component of high-quality early learning programs is the continued professional growth and development of the teachers and directors working within those programs. These growth opportunities can and should be tailored to the specific needs and interests of a program, educator, classroom, or community.


All license-eligible programs must operate within their state’s regulations for child care programs. If a program is found to be in violation of their state’s regulations, their listing may be removed from the Wonderschool marketplace. License-exempt programs are recommended to follow all state licensing guidelines to the best of their ability and as applicable. When a citation, complaint, or investigation is initiated for any child care program or provider using the Wonderschool platform, Wonderschool will always cooperate fully with the agency or agencies to ensure full resolution.

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