Wonderschool Government Platform

Built for networks and state agencies, Wonderschool Government Platform is a one-stop hub to access and manage child care data and insights to help you make strategic decisions about resource and funding allocation.

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Use real-time data and insights to enhance the supply and quality of child care and to match families with providers.

Access all your data in one place

Gain a holistic view of the child care programs offered in your state and community. Wonderschool integrates data from our own and external systems to provide custom dashboards and reporting.

Allocate funds efficiently

Manage grants, subsidies, food program reimbursements, and licensing processes end-to-end, from reviewing and collaborating on applications to distributing funds and tracking payment information.

Improve access and quality

Help every family in your community get access to quality child care by creating new supply, matching with nearby programs, and providing coaching and professional training to program directors.

Customizable modules

Our modular platform is customizable and easily integrates with your existing system to supplement your database.

New Supply Creation

Recruit, license, and launch new child care programs easily with Wonderschool. We offer comprehensive training, marketing tools, and white-glove support to help new providers open their first child care anywhere in the country.

Child Care Finder

Help families find available child care close to home using Wonderschool’s white-labeled child care marketplace. Collect real-time availability data to increase enrollment for providers.

Child Care Management System

Make running a child care business easier for providers. Our cloud-based software solution streamlines, digitizes and automates manual administrative processes such as attendance tracking, tuition billing, and food program reimbursement.


Rate and improve quality of child care programs at scale using Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS). Our system generates detailed quality reporting to guide providers to develop plans towards higher ratings and faster reimbursements.

Food Program Management

Review and approve food program reimbursement claims faster and with less effort. Our tool makes it easier, faster, and less error-prone for providers to log attendance and meal service information and to validate and administer reimbursements.  

Subsidy Management

Built for subsidized early childhood education programs, the module allows providers to review and accept enrollment applications while helping them get paid faster through integrated invoicing and payment systems.

Grant Management

Create, manage, and distribute grants to child care programs effectively through a user-friendly portal. A built-in dashboard makes it simple to track and report on the status of grant administration.

Licensing Management

Recruit, onboard, and help new providers get licensed faster. Through a friendly portal, Wonderschool makes it easy for providers to view and maintain child care licensing status.

Real-Time Analytics

Get clear, actionable data on where and what type of care parents are searching for, enrollment spot availability, and the financial health of child care programs in your state to make informed decisions about funding allocation.

Learning Management Solution

Our LMS solution features a training curriculum for new child care providers to learn business, child care, and licensing best practices. The LMS content is customizable to meet the needs of your state or organization.

Key features

Wonderschool meets the requirements of many federally funded child care initiatives and provides flexible integration options.


Connect your customer database and existing third-party or in-house systems with Wonderschool’s platform.


Use child care funds such as Child Care & Development Fund (CCDF) and ARPA child care stabilization funding towards our licenses and managed services.


Make data-informed decisions using real-time insights about enrollment, subsidies, and more.


Easily access modules through an interface built with non-technical users in mind.

Our customers

Wonderschool collaborates on statewide and networks-driven initiatives in 43 states across the US.

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