All programs are required to meet the Wonderschool Quality & Safety Vision, a set of standards that go above and beyond state licensing requirements for in-home programs.

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At Wonderschool, we put community first.

Community first

Mrs. Lisk has been teaching since 2009. She believes nurturing and care, combined with play and academic exploration, set the foundation for a well-rounded program.

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Access a 24/7 channel to ask all your child care-related questions to other directors and the Wonderschool expert community.

Events and training

Learn about best practices through live events, webinars, and other training sessions hosted by our team and other child care experts.

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Check out guides to help you with your lesson planning, and get free access to the Ages & Stages Questionnaire.

Community leaders

We partner with companies and organizations that make directors’ lives easier

Brandee Lengel
Director in Nebraska

“I love, love, love that you provide this data to us. It’s so hard to gather and synthesize it on our own and you make it so easy. You really understand our work and the work of a Shared Services Organization, and this is a huge reason we love partnering with you.”

Our community of directors is passionate about child care.

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